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. Do I have to buy the specific model of robot

  vacuum cleaner indicated in the manuals?

Currently supported robot vacuum cleaner models are:


  • Roomba i7

  • All Xiaomi with wifi connection

NB: The pilot application shown in the download section is only compatible with Roomba i7. If you choose one Xiaomi it will always be possible to drive the device, but it will be necessary to use multiple commercial applications (camera + Mi Home opened remotely using AnyDesk).

. Do I have to buy the specific tablet model

  indicated in the manuals?

No, the procedures in the manuals are valid for any Android device that supports the Split Screen. However, for models other than those listed in the manuals, slight variations in the installation procedures may occur.

Yes, it is possible to use Android smartphones. For the correct functioning of all the functions, however, the devices must support the Split Screen.

No, the structure described in the manuals is reported as a functional example. It is possible to create a different structure, while being careful to respect the functionality of the device (correct positioning of the tablet rooms, balancing of the structure on the base, etc.).


Here you can see the example of another realization.

Internet connection is essential for the correct functioning of some robot functions, for example: teleconferencing with subjects external to the robot's operating environment and remote control of the robot.

In addition, a stable internet connection will be required even if a Xiaomi is used as a robotic base. Xiaomi's Mi home application requires internet connection in order to connect to the robot.

However, using the operating solution shown for the Roomba i7, it is possible to pilot the robot using a local network without internet access. In this case it will not be possible to establish a connection for video calls.

In this case it is recommended to refer to the manufacturer's manuals.

For Roomba i7, you can consult this manual.

If you have not found what you are looking for, go to the Forum or write to us.

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