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A small semi-autonomous device that connects patients in isolation with the people they love.

An open source project designed to be replicated at low cost for immediate use in local realities.

LHF-Connect connects people who are in isolation, in hospital or in quarantine, with their loved ones or medical consultants without them having to physically approach them. It can also carry small items and monitor the environment.


LHF-Connect is a tool that can be created with limited costs (around € 1200) using technologies that are widespread and available online in a few days.

No special technical skills are required to make an LHF-Connect robot. The project is open source, and the software is easy to download.
On this site you will find all the instructions to replicate it.


To use LHF-Connect for your patients:
- Ask a benefactor to finance the purchase of commercial parts

- Ask a fan to assemble them and install the software

-Ask a volunteer to guide him


Bring LHF-Connect to your territory!


AW Collection


It brings people in isolation into contact with the outside world.

Can carry small items.

Can monitor the environment.



Robot assembled with devices on the market. Cheap.

Intelligent and remote controlled.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-16 at


It is designed to be easily replicated.

Get organized on your territory to give an LHF-Connect to those who need it.



Watch the robots built and operating in different local realities and know how to actively participate in the project .

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